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Personal Pride
Rob-Bilt uses only the finest materials.  Our buildings are constructed with either 29 or 26 gauge American made metal with ⅝” rib depth and 9” centers.  We use solid 5”x5”, 6”x6” pressure treated and nail-lam poles.  A Rob-Bilt building is superior construction with all work completed on the job site and every rib screwed securely.  Our buildings are built with more bracing than other buildings to help withstand the severe wind and weather of the Southwest.  Poles are all set with (customer provided) quick-crete and rebar.  We also can build to meet wind-storm requirements for our southern gulf states.
Quality Construction

We stand behind our product and our people. Rob-Bilt construction crews receive extensive training in our method and we take pride in our workmanship. Our (people/employees) are always courteous. We love POLE-BARNS!!

“At Rob-Bilt we not only leave a satisfied customer . . . we leave a friend.”
You will not find a better building at a better price!
Superior Materials
 It is thecombination of quality materials, superior construction and personal pridethat has made Rob-Bilt the leading pole barn builder in the Southwest.

You will find a color chart, permit requirements, descriptions of our services and more on this site. Browse through our pages and give us a call with any questions or get an estimate online.

We Are Rob-Bilt

Rob-Bilt is based in Tahlequah, Oklahoma at One Plaza South PMB 207.

We are custom builders specializing in pole barn construction.

Rob-Bilt carries comprehensive general liability and workman’s compensation insurance.

Don’t wait until your old barn is falling in on your valuable equipment.